The advantages of the website

Why choosing ? Discover the advantages of using the website's services :


Whether you are at work, at your friends' place or traveling on the other side of the planet, with Favinbook you can enjoy your best websites at any time.

Multi support

Find your favourites on a computer, tablet, a smartphone as well as a connected TV, etc. It is much more convenient! So, with a simple connection to the internet you can visit your websites on different technologies.

Smartphone tip : Add the shortcut of the site on the screen of your smartphone


Do not lose more your favorites due to a smartphone or a computer failure, the loss or damage of your hardware. They are now saved on Favinbook and are no longer dependent on a single technology.


Enjoy the best of the community and this discover new websites ! Members who choose to share links with the community allow Favinbook to suggest them to other users.

To improve your user experience, the Favinbook favorites interface is built on the model of a similar navigation search engine on the internet.